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Woodstikk 10 Hybrid Polymer Adhesive

Woodstikk 10 is a solvent and water free adhesive specifically designed for bonding many types of wooden floors directly onto all common subfloors. Woodstikk 10 is based on hybrid polymer technology.

Woodstikk 10 Gun Adhesive Benefits

  1. 100% active solvent and water free.
  2. Permanently flexible.
  3. Will bond directly to all common subfloors.
  4. Suitable for use with underfloor heating.
  5. Odourless.
  6. Excellent gap filling properties for uneven surfaces.
  7. Excellent sound deadening/acoustic properties.
  8. High initial grab
  9. Bonds seam tape for artificial grass jointing.

Woodstikk 10 is supplied in 3ltr sachets or 600ml and are dispensed through an applicator gun.