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September 17, 2018

One of our loyal customers contacted us with a new project – bonding wood flooring to the walls of a corridor of a hotel in Knightsbridge, London.  They needed a solution which was easy to install, high grab, quick curing and very clean.  When we introduced the Gekko G2 gun system, along with Cladstikk 12 adhesive, it looked to be a winner for them.

The adhesive was applied to the floor planks on the floor and then applied to the wall in a horizontal pattern, much the same as normal floor planks are but this was on a wall instead!  

What made the client so pleased with this system was its cleanliness in application, ability to stay in place while the cure took place, and speed of application. The job was thousands of square metres, and they saved hundreds of man hours in comparison to the hand-applied system they were originally going to use.

Wooden wall cladding is starting to become more common, and many more installers are looking at the G2 Gun along with the Cladstikk 12 as the best option due to its quick and clean application and high-grab and fast-cure adhesion.

Hotel wall cladding project

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